20 years later, the original Caminhos do Romântico - Romantic Routes- are once again being walked on every week, guided and free of charge.


The Museu da Cidade initiative, aims to reactivate the routes mapped out by the History of Romanticism in Porto, basing these visits on elements or figures that were key to this historical movement. The public and private gardens planned during the 19th century, such as the quintas (estates) and bourgeois houses, were the main theme to create this project, where native and exotic plant species create an attractive green area for those interested or simply for the curious ones. Water, an element that is always present, enhances the romantic ambience with fountains, springs and washhouses, elements that define the set of routes that are now being reactivated.


Four Routes


The first route is dedicated to Carlos Alberto (Charles Albert of Sardinia). The route goes through places of memory of his stay in Porto, highlighting the three addresses he chose as his residence.


The second route is dedicated to Industry. From the Romantic Extension, a journey through the industrial history of Massarelos will be made, where the remains of factories, warehouses and workshops, railway lines and bridges, working-class neighbourhoods and ilhas (traditional Porto neighbourhood, usually of the lower class) are located, as well as many memories of a golden age, a striking example of which is the former building of the Palácio de Cristal.


The third route, dedicated to Nature, takes those interested into the realms of the city’s natural resources, having as a starting point one of the most important green lungs of the Invicta: The Gardens of Palácio de Cristal.


The same place is also the meeting point of the fourth and last route, the Water Route, consisting of a path of fountains, springs, lakes, watermills or canals on top of walls.


Participation in the activities is free and requires prior registration through a form, with a limit of 15 participants.

Next week you can walk through the routes dedicated to Nature (April 26th) and to Water (April 28th), at 10:30 am and at 2:30 pm. Starting in May, guided tours will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 am, always with prior registration through the Museu da Cidade website.

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