The sunny and hot days illuminate the invicta city even more. Take the opportunity to visit Porto on its longest days and live the summer like a true Porto native. Taste fresh flavours, venture into the Atlantic waves or explore the best spots to watch the sunset.

Join us on a journey through the best that Porto has to offer during the hottest season of the year.

Relax and enjoy the good weather on environmental quality beaches

Did you know that Porto was considered the “Bluest Municipality”, for the 4th consecutive year, in 2020 by Associação Bandeira Azul da Europa (ABAE) and by Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente (APA)?

Its four bathing areas, Foz, Gondarém, Homem do Leme and Aquário were granted the Blue Flag, a symbol of environmental quality and safety.

If you like to go to the beach, there is nothing better than enjoying beaches that respect the environment and, in Porto, there are plenty of them. See all the beaches you can explore.

Along the coast you will also find several outdoor cafés/restaurants, some of them right on top of the rocks, with a unique view of the sea, ideal for a summer afternoon or at sunset! With a little luck you'll find one of the outdoor cafés/restaurants with live music and a DJ. PS: Enjoy the moment with a Port Tonic!

Savour a delicious Porto Tonic

Port Wine is, without a doubt, is the city’s most famous drink. It is delicious to drink plain, but there is a perfect cocktail to try in summer: Porto Tonic.

There are multiple recipes to make a great Porto Tonic, but there are 3 must ingredients: tonic water, ice and, of course, Port Wine.

We suggest you savour this refreshing cocktail, on a summer afternoon with an incredible view from one of the city's various rooftops, such as the 17º Restaurante & Bar, Porto Cruz Space, the Vincci Hotel’s bar, the panoramic bar at Hotel Boa-Vista, the Nasoni Dining & Bar at Palace of Freixo...

Image: Pestana Palácio do Freixo - Nasoni Dinig & Bar

Taste a 100% Portuguese beer

In summer, the locals love to drink a refreshing beer or, as they commonly call in the city, a fino (pint).

If you like beer and would like to find out more about this delicacy in Portugal, we invite you to visit Casa da Cerveja of Super Bock, a 100% Portuguese brand with a strong connection to the city of Porto and the North of Portugal.

Here you will be able to watch the entire brewing process, learn about the raw materials from which it is made, the brand's outstanding stories and taste different types of beer in moments of pairing perfect for the palate.

Talk to us via live chat and book your visit now in these and many other spaces!

Image: Casa da Cerveja - Super Bock

Photograph the best views at sunset

Porto has several viewpoints with unmissable views scattered around the city.

Why not enjoy your visit to Porto to explore these amazing places at sunset? You will be amazed by all the landscapes from these viewpoints and, if you are a photography fan, we suggest you take a picture in all of them, creating a beautiful souvenir album of the city of Porto, worthy of postcards of the destination.

Browse all the viewpoints in the city available here.


How can you not enjoy the summer even more when it is spent in Porto? Bring your family, friends... Fall in love with our city, its colours, and warm vibes.

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O Porto é um dos destinos turísticos mais antigos da Europa e a riqueza do seu património artístico, o Vinho do Porto, os vastos espaços dedicados ao lazer e a sua vida cultural são apenas alguns dos motivos que convidam a visitar a cidade.

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