This Thursday, March 17th, another St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated. It is Ireland’s main bank holiday and is celebrated on this day because it is the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, the country's patron saint.

The streets were filled with green (the celebration’s official colour), music, parades, and, of course, lots of beer! Even though it is an originally Irish celebration, the truth is that it spread across many countries. For example, last year the Clérigos Tower was lit up in green to celebrate the occasion.

This year, we suggest you pay tribute to the drink of the celebration. After all, there are plenty of good places in Porto to drink good beer and learn more about this “nectar of the gods”. 

Get to know the Casa da Cerveja

In Casa da Cerveja, located in Super Bock Group's production centre in Leça do Balio, it is possible to watch the whole process of beer production, from the raw materials that create it, to the production of wort, the fermentation process and bottle filling.

You will also learn about the memorable moments, stories and fun facts of the brand - one of the most recognised brands in Portugal - and also two special beer tastings with food pairing. You can enjoy a 40% discount if you purchase the Porto.CARD.

@Casa da Cerveja

Try craft beer made in the North of Portugal

If your plans are just drinking a good beer (or shall we say fino? [pint]), there are many options in the city. Fábrica Nortada, that produces many different types of craft beer, is one of those examples, and also has a tour available inside the brewery for those who are curious.

Also, in the centre of Porto is Letraria Craft Beer Garden, described by many as “one of the city’s most secret gardens” and it is the space of a craft beer brand that was also born in the North, more precisely in Minho.

And because good things always come in threes, A Fábrica da Picaria is another alternative. Here, you can have the unique experience of tasting a beer directly “from vat to glass”, in order to preserve the drink’s purity as much as possible.

@A Fábrica da Picaria

Enjoy a beer, but not on an empty stomach

And because beer is a drink that goes well with much of our Portuguese cuisine, why not pay a visit to one of Brasão's beer halls?

Next to Avenida dos Aliados (Cervejaria Brasão Aliados), close to Coliseu do Porto (Cervejaria Brasão Coliseu), or even in the Foz area (Cervejaria Brasão Foz), you can enjoy a wide and personalised offer of craft beers, as well as francesinhas, steaks and snacks. You can enjoy a 10% discount if you purchase the Porto.CARD.

@Cervejaria Brasão

Try the Craft&Beer Tour

If you like to do different things, you can always choose a gastronomic walk organised by Taste Porto or Detours, to explore the history of craft beer in Porto.

Try local beers, sandwiches and snacks, while you learn the basic rules of beer production. All beer and food tastings are included in the ticket price.

@Taste Porto

Don’t forget to show up at Porto Beer Fest

This year’s edition still has no scheduled date, but we couldn't fail to mention the city's event that best honours beer. Porto Beer Fest gathers some of the world’s top brewers in order to give us the opportunity to taste many hundreds of craft beers.

The festival also features street food restaurants, masterclasses, concerts and other performances. Stay tuned!

@Porto Beer Fest

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