A new cycle of Simultaneous Inaugurations will begin on September 25. As usual, these will take place in the Miguel Bombarda Quarter, focusing on Rua Miguel Bombarda, Rua do Rosário and the surrounding streets. During this event, galleries and exhibition spaces dress up to show the best of what is available here in terms of works of art for sale.

You'll also be able to visit several of the stores in this block, which promise to bring new things to the market. As they are part of this arts quarter, they are joining the inaugurations by presenting new collections from a wide range of areas. From designer jewelry to nationally-designed fashion, sustainable design and irreverent decoration, there will be plenty of news.

The Simultaneous Inaugurations are scheduled to begin at 4pm on Saturday 25th, with free access to the various galleries and stores. This is an event in which the entire arts quarter participates and is proud to share with those who pass by.


Rua de Miguel Bombarda

Galeria São Mamede - "Flower Power", by Manuela Castro Martins;

Galeria Presença - "Rotor", by Carlos Mensil, curated by João Silvério;

Galeria Serpente - "A body without qualities", by José Pastor;

Quadrado Azul Gallery - group exhibition;

Galeria Fernando Santos - Cabrita "Facts of life #2 (Porto)" | Project Room: "Between balance and rupture", by Cristina Massena;

Galeria Fernando Santos 531 - "Small Format";

REM - art space - "*Angelis", by Maria De Fátima Silva;

Símbolo Gallery - group exhibition;

João Lagoa Gallery - group exhibition;

Artes em Partes Gallery - "(re)veste";

Galeria Ap`arte - "O mundo da mulher", by: Maria João Oliveira | painting exhibition by Paulo Ponte | "Mitologia, ambiências urbanas, monumentos icónicos", by Paulo Tanoeiro;

Galeria Trindade - "Objects and appropriations", by Brigitte Szenczi and Juan António Mañas;

Ó! Galeria - "To you who fill my emptiness", by Mantraste.

Rua do Rosário

Adorna Gallery - "Coimbra b", by Bruno Silva.


 Quarteirão das Artes - Rua Miguel Bombarda and surrounding streets;

 Saturday, September 25th;

 From 4pm;

 Free access.

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