Porto’s new promotional video offers an immersive tour through some of the city’s hidden corners, places that are more secluded and less known for being off the usual walking routes for residents and tourists, ideal for those who like to explore the less obvious side of the urban landscape.


"Through alleys and pavements", as Rui Veloso sings, but also through gardens, stairways and viewpoints. In addition to contributing to the appreciation of these corners so genuine of Porto, the new video invites the more curious to walk around the city and discover places that often go unnoticed, and which hold a special charm.


Through the film’s character, we are led to discover some unusual places in Porto, such as Escadas e Rua do Monte Tadeu (Monte Tadeu Stairway and Rua do Monte Tadeu), Palácio e Miradouro das Sereias (Palace and Viewpoint of Sereias), S. Roque Park, Largo da Fontinha, Escada do Caminho Novo (Caminho Novo Stairway), Fontainhas Community Vegetable Garden, Tunnel of the old railway line of Alfândega, the Bird Observatory, Praia do Ourigo (Ourigo Beach), or the Romantic Routes.


The video “Recantos” is a part of a set of 22 promotional videos that the Municipality of Porto is launching with the aim of advertising and valuing the city, as well as promoting it on a local, national and international level, presenting a captivating Porto in its various dimensions: culture, architecture, heritage, gastronomy, handicraft, street art, sports, fairs and markets or hospitality.

Watch the video here!

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