On Father's Day we highlight the history of spaces in the city that are passed from generation to generation, from father to son/daughter.

Over the decades, several men have embraced different challenges and created family businesses that have left a mark in the history of the city and are part of the authenticity so typical of Porto. In honour of all the fathers, we celebrate some of the Superheroes of the Invicta city, through an itinerary across their legacies that, even today, welcome, with open arms, all the people of Porto and its visitors.

Casa Januário

At the corner between Rua do Bonjardim and Rua Formosa, you will find a fine grocery store that is already in the 3rd generation of the family: Casa Januário. Founded in 1926, by Januário Gil Mendes Ferreira, it has almost 95 years of history.

Januário Ferreira came from Barroca do Zézere, in Fundão, to Porto, with the dream of a young entrepreneur to establish his business in the Invicta city and, here, to leave his legacy to his family.

In 1965, his son, Nuno Manuel, continues his father work and, today, it is Januário’s grandchildren, who participate in the business, preserving the identity of Casa Januário, a typical local shop in Porto, with personalised attention and doing justice to the quality that has long accustomed the people of Porto and its visitors.

@Casa Januário

Casa Lima

Casa Lima is one of the most recognised commercial names in Porto. It already has 3 stores in the Invicta city, where it is possible to find more than 3000 different products: small leather goods, women's handbags, men's wallets, belts, suspenders, suitcases, travel bags and where one can also find a wide variety of umbrellas.

It all started with Augusto Joaquim Pereira de Lima, in 1877. With 144 years of history, Casa Lima has passed through 5 generations of the Lima Family, and today the management of the company is taken over by the founder's great-grandson, Francisco Luis de Lima Alves de Souto.

Pérola do Bolhão

Just 100 meters away from the famous Bolhão Market, you will find a traditional and historic house in Porto, A Pérola do Bolhão .

António Rodrigues Reis is the founder of this grocery store, which opened its doors in 1917. Since its inception, Pérola do Bolhão has offered Porto’s residents and its visitors a wide variety of gastronomic products such as cheese from Serra da Estrela, a selection of cured sausages an extensive variety of caramelised and dried fruits in bulk, but also a good offer of regional wines and biscuits.

Today, the owner's son is the head of the business, having known it since his childhood. He seeks to maintain the family tradition, integrating his son, António Rodrigues Reis’ grandson, into the management of this historic place.

Bazar Paris

With more than 100 years of history, Bazar Paris is the oldest toy store, not only in the city of Porto, but also in Portugal.

The management of the two stores of this historic brand has always been in the same family. Currently it is Luísa Villas Boas, great-granddaughter of the founder of Bazar Paris, who keeps the family tradition alive and makes the best offer of traditional and unique toys available to Porto’s residents and its visitors.

At Bazar Paris you enter a world of toys that will remind you of your own childhood. Here, you can find cuddly toys, toys, costumes, dolls, cars, sets, kits, collectible toys, among many others.

Papelaria Araújo

In 1829, the stationery store was born, which today is considered the oldest in the city of Porto and one of the oldest in the world: Papelaria Araújo.

With an unusually shrewd vision and an inexhaustible passion for the simple act of living, Manuel Francisco de Araújo started his family business not as a stationery store, but as a paper warehouse.

As a stationery store, the business has been passed from generation to generation, always maintaining the quality for which it is recognised. The founder's grandson, Manoel Araújo, was the one who named this family business as “Papelaria Araújo” when he offered a partnership to his nephews.

Currently, the business is led by Miguel Araújo, who grew up in the world of paper, learning its craft and characteristics with his father. When you visit Papelaria Araújo, you can find Miguel Araújo behind the counter always in a good mood, never giving up his greatest ambition - to perpetuate the family business, which continues to enchant Porto.


In 1933 one of the sweetest houses in the city was born in Porto: Arcádia .

The patriarch of the Bastos Family started his business as a tearoom. Over the years, Arcádia has grown and evolved into a Confectionery whose products are made on the premises, being nationally a household name in the sector.

Currently, Arcádia is already in its 4th family generation. Two grandchildren and a great-grandson of the Founder came together to continue the work and keep alive the tradition of one of the best-known houses in the Invicta city. With Easter coming, we highlight one of the most typical and traditional products from Arcádia, the bonjour liquor dragees created by the Founder himself, whose inspiration and production method emerged in Paris.

© Arcádia | © Pedro Granadeiro / Global Imagens

Santos e Irmão

In 1858, the brothers António and José dos Santos founded the first frame house in Porto and the North of Portugal, Santos & Irmão.

With more than a century and a half of history, several frames of this Porto’s house were designed by renowned Portuguese artists such as Marques de Oliveira, António Carneiro, Henrique Medina and Fernando Lanhas.

Since its foundation, the knowledge of the techniques of making frames and restoring works of art has passed from master to apprentice, from father to son/daughter, with the second generation of the Santos family, four brothers, taking over the business in 1933.

Today Dolores Santos is the current owner and the one who keeps the family business and tradition alive.

Príncipe Porto Portugal

In 1912, under the trade name of Príncipe das Malhas, Fernando S. Dias dos Santos began a success story that, for more than 100 years from generation to generation, continues to preserve and enhance the roots of Portuguese traditions.

Recent findings refer to the beginning of the activity to 1897, in which there are accounting records that attest to the existence of the firm, the great-uncle, Alberto Dias dos Santos, at the time being the owner. This date proves the existence of the firm for at least 120 years.

Príncipe Porto Portugal is a store that sells Portuguese regional, traditional and folkloric products.

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