September is the month of the grape harvest par excellence. The time has came to pick the grapes, carry them in baskets, foot treading them and make what is known as the nectar of the gods: Wine.

To come to Porto is to get to know and try the world's best that's made in this area, this city representing the Douro, Porto and Vinho Verde wine-growing region in the Great Wine Capitals network.

This is the ideal time to learn more about what is produced in these wine-growing regions, joining in the festivities associated with the grape harvest tradition. Don't miss the chance to join in the traditional treading of the grapes to the rhythm of the concertina.

Savour the world-famous Porto Wine and the wines of the Douro Region, the first demarcated wine-growing region (1756), and the Vinhos Verdes characteristic of the Minho region are something else you must try.

In Porto

Porto Wine Day Celebrations

On September 10th marks the Port Wine Day, with Porto Wine Day, an initiative of Douro and Port Wines Institute, I.P..

On this day, is 1756, the Marquês de Pombal created what is considered the first demarcated and regulated wine region in the world, the Douro Valley.

Unfortunately, becouse of the Covid-19 outbreak, you will have to wait until 2022 to participate in these celebrations. Bur do not worry, Porto has many other wine experiences to get the best out of this delicacy.

Visit the Porto Wine Cellars:

Travel the Urban Wine Route that we have prepared for you and discover the most important places in the city and in the history of the wines of Porto, Douro and Vinhos Verdes.

Visit the Douro Extension and learn about the importance that Porto Wine and its trade had in the development of the city.

Learn the story behind, not only Port Wine, but also Douro Wine, Vinho Verde and Rosé Wine at the museum WOW - The Wine Experience and at WOW - Pink Palace.

Join in a tasting session that pairs chocolate and Porto Wine:

Try the gastronomy of Porto and the North of Portugal paired with one of the wines of the region:

Image: WOW

In the Douro Region

Take an active part in the Grape Harvest of the Porto Wines, in the Douro:

  • Visit Quinta da Pacheca, one of the oldest, most iconic and well-known estates in the Douro region, winner of the Best of Wine Tourism 2020 award, on an international level, and Best of Wine Tourism 2021 award, on a national level, given by the Great Wine Capitals network. Enjoy a wine and sensory experience with a tasting of 4 wines, and see the vineyards, wine presses and winery / wine cellar. In the end, you can't miss the opportunity to tread the grapes;
  • Quinta da Avessada has an exclusive grape harvesting programme where you will have the opportunity ti visit the gardens of the Enoteca, treading grapes, do a tasting of liqueur wines, dine regional products paired with Avessada wines, among man other activities;
  • Get involved in the grape harvest, traditional treading in granite tanks, winemaking and tasting. Enjoy a unique atmosphere at Quinta de Marrocos, a cosy quinta with with a unique history and relax in the traquillity of nature, with the impressive view over the Douro River.

Visit a Wine-grower's quinta and enjoy the landscape:

Sail along the Douro and take in the beauty of the region:

In the Vinhos Verdes Region

Take an active part on the Grape Harvest of the Vinhos Verdes:

Enter a universe of freshness, lightness and refinement in the Vinho Verde Region. At Monverde Wine Experience Hotel you will have the opportunity to have a picnic in the middle of the vineyards, with typical products from the region and Quinta da Lixa Wines, winner of the Best of Wine Tourism 2021 award, on an international level.

Go to Quinta de Santa Cristina and enjoy and award-winning space honoured by the international association Great Wine Capitals, with the Best of Wine Tourism 2017 award, on a national level, in the category of Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences. You can visit the vineyards and the winery, taste the wines together with a tasting of regional products and even plant a vine.

A diversity of flavours and traditions combined with wine await you. Don't miss this chance!

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