An amazing pleasure at every corner

Porto is Douro, fashion, tradition at the table, quality Wine, an amazing pleasure at every corner.

Today we would like to take you to taste the local tapas of the "tascos", while we invite you to explore the most fashionable streets, the oldest and well-preserved shops, traditional Portuguese handicrafts and toys, national-made kitchenware and pastries, including the accessories and centenarian clothes that continue to fit so well.

Along the way, your eyes will not be indifferent to the historic buildings and especially attractive architecture of the called “cidade invicta”.

Stores with tradition

Starting with the centennial shops, where you will find what you never thought to see and, next to each other, which will give new glamour to your home decor. Start at the year 1824, in the Rua das Carmelitas, near the Clérigos Tower, the Vista Alegre Atlantis - one of the oldest in Porto.

The Leitaria da Quinta do Paço and Padaria Ribeiro, both in Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, the bookstore Livraria Lello, the home textiles and clothes of the Marques Soares Warehouses, and several regional articles, almost side by side.

In a street parallel to the Aliados, the Rua do Bonjardim has four reference stores: the café O Pretinho do Japão with liquors, candied fruit, spices, teas and more; the tailored craftsman hardware of the No. 404; the Casa Januário with pastry accessories, grocery and wine cellar.

Carry on this discovery towards the emblematic Rua Sá da Bandeira. Along the way you will find the most varied trade, food products from seeds, olives, chocolates and cheeses, office supplies, shoes and fabric, gold and silver stores. Stores with soul and tradition that have been filling the streets and the hearts of the visitors of wealth and good taste. Delight yourself in these small Porto charms and be amazed at how the city balances tradition with modernity so well. 

Visit one of the oldest shops in Porto

Vista Alegre

“Tascos” of flavour

Speaking of good taste, lets test your palate, inviting you to enter the Adega do Quim. At the historic center gates and very close to the beautiful and central São Bento Railway Station, located on Rua da Madeira and serves “bifanas” (pork fillets), “panado no pão” (huge, fried pork steak inside a piece of bread), “moelas” (chicken gizzards), “rojões” (seasoned pieces of pork) and “tripas à moda do Porto” (most typical dish of Porto, which are the entrails of a pig with beans), accompanied by wines, either at the counter or sitting at the table.

Typical and very useful for those who live the city out of hours, because it opens at 6am and closes at 9pm!

Also with alternative opening hours, from 8pm to 4am, to feel always cozy during your walks, you will find the Museu d’Avó, closest to the Aliados, ideal for snacking with friends. A “caldo verde” soup (green broth), “alheira” (a type of Portuguese sausage) or “francesinha” (sandwich made with fillet steak, ham and smoked sausage covered with cheese and a spicy sauce) are some of the options to taste along with the "tapas", under a quantity of antiques well fixed to the ceiling.

Want to try the best “pernil” (pork) sandwich? Come to Casa Guedes in Praça dos Poveiros; If you're hooked on a ham sandwich and a mug of wine, catch the bus 201 or 202 and enter through the round door of A Badalhoca - relatively close to Serralves.

In the Ribeira area there are also a number of shops, flavours and delicacies that will captivate you. 

Beside the river, hidden in an alley, look for the Escondidinho do Barredo, considered by many visitors a pearl hidden in the Ribeira. Come in and indulge yourself with a genuine experience of local cuisine. Octopus salad, cod salad, sardines and other snacks will grab you at the table for some delicious hours.

Try a typical dish accompanied by wine

Adega do Quim

A little further up, near the MMIPO - Museu e Igreja da Misericórdia do Porto, you will be captivated by the Taberna do Largo. The fantastic atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the nibbles of eating and begging for more will make you plan your second visit to this restaurant very soon.

And Porto still has so many other flavours to find out and taste! It is healthy to go outside and taste the best that life can give us. Arrange with us your visit and the itinerary will be tailored to your tastes. This city has many points of interest and, although so ours, it is increasingly of the world that adores it.

Enjoy the best “pernil” sandwich in Porto

Casa Guedes

We are waiting for you!

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