Easter is one of the most celebrated festive seasons in the city of Porto. Families from Porto gather at the table in the company of various ingredients typical of the region to celebrate this date.

Discover what you must have at Easter, at the table of the people of Porto and enjoy each of the dishes.

Roasted goat kid

The protagonist of the Easter Sunday lunch in Porto is roasted kid. Families turn on the oven or, in the older houses, light the wood fired oven and roast this dish typical of the entire region in the North of Portugal. The kid is served with roasted potatoes, giblets rice and esparregado.

If we have whetted your appetite, taste this wonderful dish in several restaurants in the city such as Abadia and O Escondidinho. They all serve roast kid to order.


To serve with the roasted kid, regueifa is a must-have at the Easter table of the people of Porto. Regueifa is a twisted bread, made with flour of great quality and very fluffy.

On this day, people from Porto like to dip the regueifa in the kid's gravy instead of spreading it with butter.

Buy a great regueifa at any bakery in the city. Try visiting one of them on Sunday, even if it's nor Easter. People from Porto have, almost as a tradition, to buy a regueifa every Sunday to enjoy it at home with their families.

Image: Telecultura


After the main course, we move on to desserts. If there is a cake that must be, at Easter it is Pão-de-Ló.

Pão-de-Ló is a tall, fluffy and spongy cake made from eggs, sugar and wheat flour. There are already several versions such as moist Pão-de-Ló, Pão-de-Ló from Ovar, etc. But the typical in the city of Porto is the traditional Pão-de-Ló from Margaride.

Taste this sweet in one of the two oldest patisseries in the city: Confeitaria Tavi, opened in 1935, where you will find three kinds of Pão-de-Ló: the traditional one, the moist one and the one from Ovar and Arcádia , established in 1933, where you can order at the online store.


In the North of Portugal there are two typical folar that are tasted at Easter: sweet folar and folar from Trás-os-Montes.

People from Porto like to have both at the table, to cater all tastes. Sweet folar is made from butter, eggs, sugar and flour. The folar from Trás-os-Montes is a savoury option, filled with typical meats from the region of Trás-os-Montes such as cured meats.

Confeitaria do Bolhão and Confeitaria Petúlia are two of the good places where you can buy these two delicacies.

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Another savoury delicacy that is present every year at the Easter table of the people from Porto is a good cheese.

Some of the most typical cheeses to find at the table are cheeses from Serra da Estrela, creamy cheese and cured cheese.

You can find these kinds of cheese in the various cheese shops in the city, such as Queijaria Amaral, Rei dos Queijos - Cheese Shop, Queijaria da Praça, and many more.

Image: Luna Lovegood

Easter almonds

Easter almonds are a sweet that the people of Porto begin to taste as soon as the Easter season is approaching.

The variety of almonds is immense: there is sugared, with all types of chocolate, fruit, liquor almonds and many more. But, there is a type of almonds that is typical of the city, the Licor Bonjour Dragees.

These dragees are made by the brand from Porto, Arcádia, painted and decorated by hand in a handmade process brought by its founder in the 1940s in France. Dragees take various forms like legumes, fruits, animals and babies.

You can only taste this candy at Easter time. However, ee invite you to visit the city at any time of the year and visit one of the several Arcádia stores scattered throughout the city. We promise you will not regret it.

Image: Arcádia

Port wine

The famous Port wine has to be present in Porto's houses in all festive seasons.

There is no better ending to all the sweets that are eaten at Easter. There are those who prefer White Port, Ruby Port and those who cannot live without a good, aged Port. There is Port Wine to suit all tastes.

Taste a glass of this wonderful wine on one of the visits to the Port Wine Cellars next to the Douro River. We are sure that, after the tasting, you will also want to start having a bottle of Port Wine in your home.

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